Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sleazy Texas 2

  • Posted: 25 Jun 2006 04:32 PM CDT

    This guy was the king of all creeps.. I don't know how he even drove with his eyes glued to us. We finally had the unfortunate luck to pull directly behind him and I'm suprised he didn't rear end someone from looking in the rearview mirror non stop... those beady little eyes in that mirror. Made my skin crawl... All we wanted to do was go home after the Mavs game!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

  • What A Sweet Dad/Happy Mother's Day

    Posted: 25 Jun 2006 11:00 AM CDT

    I teach art and literacy at an elementary school's after school program. The Friday before Mother's Day, loaded down with children's art supplies, I was walking towards the entrance of the school behind a man and his two very young daughters, who I asume were headed to pick up another child. Each little girl was carrying a pink heart-shaped Mother's Day balloon and the dad was carrying a large Mother's Day cake box. As I walked by the happy family, the dad leaned towards me and started to hiss, "Ooooh, lady, so sexy, oooo..." The juxtaposition was just so stunningly gross. Not wanting to make a scene in front of the kids I kept quiet, but I was thinking, "You kiss their mother with that mouth??"

    Written by Nicole.
  • Posted: 21 Jun 2006 10:46 AM CDT

    At New York City's barbeque festival this weekend, the guy in the yellow tee shirt came up to me—out of nowhere—and grabbed my chest, saying that his friend (the one in the orange polo) told him he'd pay him $100 if he did so. At first I laughed it off, but then got angry and realized that if he hadn't been a drunk frat guy, I would have gone straight to the police. Anyway, I did wind up getting him kicked out of the park , but I'd like to share this perv's photo with the world. Thanks!

Monday, June 26, 2006


n 2006 04:28 PM CDT

  • These fine young gentleman actually hung their heads out of the car like dogs while we drove by. My sister was terrified, but I was determined to catch up and snap a photos of these beauties. I love how there are like three of them...layer upon layer of perverseness.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

This guy made me WANT to get off the train at 42nd street...

  • Posted: 24 Jun 2006 10:01 AM CDT

    I hopped on the downtown 6 train tonight at about 7:30. It was a very crowded car, and so of course everybody was bumping up against each other. There was an arm against my rear - or so I thought - so I moved up a couple of inches. Then, there it was again. And again. And again. Eventually I realized that it wasn't an arm at all - it was a hand that was getting friendlier and friendlier as the train moved from 51st to 42nd. I kept turning around to give him dirty looks, but I think he took that as an invitation! The more I glared, the more the hand stayed put. When we arrived at the next stop, I moved to the far end of the car and snapped these shots. Faces of the innocent have been blurred, of course.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Predator Takes Bus

  • Posted: 21 Jun 2006 10:41 AM CDT


    While riding on the B61 bus, I sat down across from a guy who was staring hard at the ladies on the bus. It was so bad that at one point I felt like saying something to him. I ain't trying to knock a dude for staring but I've never seen anything quite like that before. I got on at Bedford and N7th and this guy was already on. When I got out at Manhattan Ave he was still riding going towards Queens. This motherfucka right here topped the cake. Cat calling, undressing a mom holding her son by the hand....He didn't hide the fact that he was a pervert because he started masturbating right then and there. I kid you not. That's when I decided to go up to him and snap a photo with my camera phone.

    Ladies, be safe. This dude is a predator. Study his photo.

    Heres his description
    middle to early 40's-late 30's.
    Heavy Set approximately 200-225 lbs.
    About 5'5"-5'9"

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup Ballbags - London Street Harassers

  • Posted: 12 Jun 2006 08:46 AM CDT

    So I’m in London on business with some other girls from the office and I think it would be fun to dress up and go to a real pub and maybe meet a real Hugh Grant type (I know, not likely!).

    On the way we pass these guys drinking in their front garden (which is full of flags for the soccer match) and they are giggling, belching and farting (yuck!!) cause they think that’s funny. One of them makes a noise like ‘Ooooo! Ooooo!’ as we go past but I rise above it.

    After we have a few Breezers outside (and no Hugh Grants were in there!) and watch the silly soccer its time to go back to the hotel but I see this lanky guy in shades who was part of that group looking at us and making humping noises. Then I see he is actually grabbing his crotch quite violently and jumping up and down! He’s pretty drunk but I can just hear him shout stuff like ‘play with me mansack!’ and ‘Eat it!’.

    That was it – time to Hollaback at this jerk! I put my cameraphone on max zoom from across the street and walked by pretending not to look but I caught him still grabbing and shouting about his ‘sack’. What a loser and it ruined my trip. At least I remembered I’m now empowered to Hollaback at asshats that can’t keep it to themselves!

    Submitted by Roxanne

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Greenpoint clown

  • Posted: 06 Jun 2006 07:53 AM CDT

    Bad: being awakened this morning by construction workers jack-hammering the shit out of the building next door.
    Worse: going for a walk to get away from the NOISE and get hollered at by a(nother) construction worker who cannot control his 'nads.

    Good thing I had my digital camera. Line up ladies, this one is a catch...

    Written by Miss Heather.
  • Fighting Irish Women!

    Posted: 06 Jun 2006 07:50 AM CDT

    In a pub in Dublin, Ireland (where I'm from) and myself and some of my sassy friends are out having a bit of a girl's night. After much unsuccessful attempts to have a good time anywhere else, we went to our usual pub in the city centre. Walking down a few steps to the bar and some guy grabs my ass... so I caught his hand and put him up against the nearest post with my other hand on his throat and into his face asked what the hell he thought he was doing. He, the brave little hero he was denied it was his hand that had grabbed me - they always do that! So anyway, I shouted at him for a bit, then kindly let him go...

    Later that same night, my friend was walking by a guy who put his hand up her skirt... so she boxed him in the face. His girlfriend saw all this and demanded the keys from him. He was sleeping in the rain that night.

    Submitted by Ida.

Thursday, June 01, 2006



  • Posted: 31 May 2006 09:16 AM CDT

    Downtown Portland transit center- waiting for a bus to get out to the other side of town for a job interview. Guy walks up behind me, lets out a wolf whistle. Walks around in front of me and says: "Lady, has anyone told you that you have a beautiful ass? It's beautiful, and so big!" (Mind you, I'm in pretty good shape, at 40-something. Not fat.) Having my ass scrutinized in public pissed me off. So I looked him in the face and said: "Not as big as the ass standing in front off me." Complete shock on his face, and he walked off muttering.

    I don't take it from anybody.

    Submitted by Laura.