Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Hollaback! You have the power to end street harassment

The Latest from Holla Back World

HOLLA ON THE GO: Unwanted following.

Posted: 29 Jun 2015 07:22 AM PDT

A car tried to approach and follow me. This happens constantly near the shopping center

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “I said stop but he didn’t”

Posted: 29 Jun 2015 07:18 AM PDT

I was standing in line at Armadillo Grill late last night when a man approached me attempting to hug and then grope me. I said stop but he didn’t, then I yelled. He started screaming that I was a white privileged bitch and then other things like “Princess Diana” which I don’t understand. None of the staff members helped me when I was clearly panicked. He waited for me outside and continued screaming at me while I was waiting for an uber with my friends.

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Week In Our Shoes: Holla::Rev London Edition

Posted: 29 Jun 2015 07:10 AM PDT

Hey there Hollaback!,

What a fantastic and exciting week it’s been for us! On Tuesday we hosted our first ever Holla::REV in London! Each of the speakers brought a new issue to the conversation about street harassment, and it was so energizing to have so many new voices engaged in the work to

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ladies, don't be so paranoid! (from a lady)

Honestly i find some of these hollaback stories to be a little pathetic. Why are women so scared of men? I am a woman and i don't like being harassed but a man wanting my phone number is not exactly "harassment"…i think some of these women don't know how to take a compliment…the one below complaining about cat calls b/c the guy said "now theres a woman"…that is a compliment to most women so stop being so darn sensitive. All men are not looking to rape you.  The girl so scared b/c a man asked her for her phone number then followed her on the subway which she didn't even go on, well, that too seems more like paranoia than actual harassment.  I'm surprised there are any men left willing to even talk to women with women running around so scared of men even talking to them.  If i complained about all the random men who have come up to me over the years, well, that would be silly.  How else are men and women supposed to talk? Are some of you so new to this world you think the only way to communicate with a stranger of the opposite sex is online via facebook or twitter? I would much rather have a man approach me out in the public and if he comes on too strong then I can just ignore him. If he physically assaults you thats what the 2nd Amendment is for.  For those of you so dang scared of men I highly suggest enrolling in a fire arms class and learning how to shoot a gun for self defense…but on the other hand some of you are so paranoid you might not be stable enough to have a gun.  Ladies, grow up…Men aren't perfect and you can't go around labeling men as sexual harassers just for trying to make conversation with you!

The Latest from Holla Back World

The Latest from Holla Back World

Stephanie’s Story: Subway Stalking

Posted: 27 Jun 2015 11:09 PM PDT

I was waiting for the “walk” sign so I could cross Houston Street in New York City. A man, likely 30 years older than me, stood next to me and said, “Hi, how are you?” I looked up and quickly nodded while giving a faint smile. He then started to tell me about himself to which I showed little interest except for occasionally saying, “Ohh.” He then began to ask me where I lived and where I was going none of which I responded to. He pulled out his cell phone and asked me to put in my number, I said “no”, turned around and went down the stairs of the nearby subway. I did not actually need to use the subway, because I lived nearby, but figured I could hide out there until the light changed and he crossed the street. However, he followed me down the subway stairs and said he needed to use the subway too. At this point I was very scared and started saying, “Please leave me alone. Please leave me alone,” expecting someone in the subway station to step in, but instead on-lookers dispersed, and I was left alone with him. I was scared to run up the stairs in case he continued to follow me or tried to pull me towards him, so I walked right up to the turnstile and fumbled with my wallet, pretending to get out my subway metrocard. He went to the turnstile next to me and put his metrocard in and crossed to the other side. I then immediately backed away as he yelled angrily at me, “Hey! Come back here! Come back here! Give me your number!” I was so scared and in shock that I just stared at him for a bit as he yelled at me, before turning around and sprinting up the stairs and down the street for the next four blocks.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Feeling Defeated.

Posted: 27 Jun 2015 07:27 AM PDT

Received the most obscene catcall in my life. I ignored him. He continued shouting. There was no one else on the street. No less than a few minutes later, another man commented ‘now that’s a woman’. I feel tired and humiliated. Most of all i feel powerless.

I've got your back!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Man Tries to Pull Woman's Pants Down as She Enters Her Queens Apartment: NYPD | NBC New York

The Latest from Holla Back World

The Latest from Holla Back World

Jo’s Story: “some women just accept it”

Posted: 26 Jun 2015 03:34 AM PDT

I was at rockfest in Kansas City and while me and one of my friends were listening to a band on the main stage these guys came up behind us. The crowd was really tight so everyone was packed together really close. One of the guys tried to start up a conversation but I shut him down and turned back to watching the music. A crowd surfer was coming toward us and fell just in front pushing me backward into him. All i could feel was his hand on my ass. I jumped forward and turned around, he apologized, smirking, and said that it had been an accident. I was definately feeling more uncomfortable but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. I turned around and tried to enjoy the concert. the next thing I knew he was right behind me with his hand between my legs from behind. Now I have never been physically assaulted before so reaction is not my strong suit, but I turned around and shoved him as hard as a could. He was still smiling as I grabbed my friend and dragged her away. The worst part was probably her reaction. She acted like it was just another thing that happens at rock concerts when these guys get drunk. NO. I don’t care how much alcohol he had it does not give him the right to touch me. And it honestly makes me more sad that some women just accept it as a part of life.

I've got your back!

Amanda’s Story: Unwanted and Unreturned Interactions

Posted: 26 Jun 2015 02:16 AM PDT

I work downtown and will either take the bus home or walk. A few months ago, probably in February or March, I noticed a man  hit on a woman as I left work around 8pm. She brushed him off and he tried to talk to me, but I ignored him and kept walking. I had to run some errands so I stopped by Target, and was talking on the phone to my mom when he tapped me on the shoulder. He said he knew I was in the middle of a conversation but he really “liked [my] look” and wanted to talk to me. I told him to wait until I was finished talking if he wanted to speak with me, and walked away.

A month or two later, I was waiting at my usual bus stop when the same man came up to me. He struck up a conversation with me, and not wanting to be rude, I talked to him for a bit. When he asked me if I was an artist, I told him I had designed the image on my t-shirt. He laughed and said “Well, now I’m looking directly at your chest.” Thankfully that was the moment my bus came, and when he asked me out for coffee I told him I wasn’t interested, and had to leave.

Those were both downtown. Tonight, I was walking home from work again and was stopped at an intersection closer to my neighborhood. I turned to look at something and saw the same man behind me, so I quickly turned away obviously not wanting to be engaged in conversation. He walked all the way around me until he was right in front of my face and couldn’t be ignored and said “Hello, you know you look really cute.” I felt like this guy needed to be put in his place, so I told him that I saw through his act and he had done this to me several times before. Rather than being ashamed, he was delighted, and said “Really! Wow! I thought you looked familiar!” I forcefully told him that I was not interested in talking to him and that I was trying to make my way home in peace. He said “Well I just thought someone should tell you you looked cute.” I walked away from him without a word.

I’ve not only had uncomfortable interactions with this particular man in the last few months, but have had multiple notable sexist interactions with men in the last week alone, all while simply trying to commute home from work. I feel uncomfortable to even walk out my door or wear something that shows a bit more skin. It is not acceptable to be made to feel this way simply trying to get to and from work.

I've got your back!

Concerned’s Story: PSA to all.

Posted: 25 Jun 2015 08:40 PM PDT

Watch your butt while grocery shopping. There are perverts out there taking pictures with hidden cameras and putting them on the internet.

I've got your back!

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Latest from Holla Back World

The Latest from Holla Back World

HOLLA ON THE GO: Not ashamed

Posted: 25 Jun 2015 07:25 AM PDT

I wear short shorts and sleeveless tops because I think I have great legs and arms. I generally dress for my body type and keep it preppy casual. Unfortunately, I was walking down the street and a man yells out the passenger window of a moving car: “you dropped your wallet!” laughing as a few dollar bills fly through the air.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The L.A. Show Real Estate TV sent you a video: "When 'Slutwalk' Feminists Attack With Lauren Southern"

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When 'Slutwalk' Feminists Attack With Lauren Southern
Lauren Southern lifts the lid on how she was targeted by an online hate campaign after challenging the "rape culture" myth pushed by radical feminists at the 2015 'Slutwalk' in Vancouver.


Lauren's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/laureensoutheern

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stop hillary

The Latest from Holla Back World

The Latest from Holla Back World

Katie’s Story: No, you can’t have a hug.

Posted: 24 Jun 2015 02:14 PM PDT

I was walking my dog down my block and there was a group of men working on my neighbors driveway. I could see one of them staring at me and I watched him move behind a vehicle parked in the road. I watched his feet under the car…he was waiting for me to walk up to him. But he was hiding. When I came up on the vehicle, he stepped right in front of me, sort of blocking my path. He asked what kind of dog I had so I told him. Then he asked me if my husband was home. Even though Im married to a woman, I just said “Yes, yes he is”. I didnt want him to think I was single or home alone. He then said, “Can I ask you a question, can I have a hug?”. My dog began to growl at him, and my dog has NEVER done this before. Mind you, it was almost 95 degrees, hot and humid. I said “No dude and you better back off or my dog will bite you”. He asked again, making it sound like he wasn’t asking for much. I quickly walked away. He stared at me the whole time. My dog kept stopping to look back at him, thats how I caught him staring. Now he knows where I live, as he was working there all day and I live two houses down. I locked myself in the house all day yesterday and today Im afraid to walk my dog because hes there again. I think Ill go out with a pocket knife, just in case. It might not sound very threatening to some of you, but Im scared of this guy. Im scared that he knows where I live. And theres not much I can do about this other then continue to be hypervigilant.

I've got your back!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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