Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ladies, don't be so paranoid! (from a lady)

Honestly i find some of these hollaback stories to be a little pathetic. Why are women so scared of men? I am a woman and i don't like being harassed but a man wanting my phone number is not exactly "harassment"…i think some of these women don't know how to take a compliment…the one below complaining about cat calls b/c the guy said "now theres a woman"…that is a compliment to most women so stop being so darn sensitive. All men are not looking to rape you.  The girl so scared b/c a man asked her for her phone number then followed her on the subway which she didn't even go on, well, that too seems more like paranoia than actual harassment.  I'm surprised there are any men left willing to even talk to women with women running around so scared of men even talking to them.  If i complained about all the random men who have come up to me over the years, well, that would be silly.  How else are men and women supposed to talk? Are some of you so new to this world you think the only way to communicate with a stranger of the opposite sex is online via facebook or twitter? I would much rather have a man approach me out in the public and if he comes on too strong then I can just ignore him. If he physically assaults you thats what the 2nd Amendment is for.  For those of you so dang scared of men I highly suggest enrolling in a fire arms class and learning how to shoot a gun for self defense…but on the other hand some of you are so paranoid you might not be stable enough to have a gun.  Ladies, grow up…Men aren't perfect and you can't go around labeling men as sexual harassers just for trying to make conversation with you!