Monday, October 04, 2010

"You better be scared of me, baby"

Begin forwarded message:

Date: September 22, 2010 2:33:00 PM PDT

I walk home everyday. I have to pass by the Veterans Hospital at Damen and Taylor St. at about 3:30 p.m. I am usually harassed everyday by men waiting in cars parked along the sidewalk. My friend told me about HollaBack and I decided to "holla back" today.

As I passed a car with two men in it, one of the men said, "Hey baby, you lookin' fine." I stopped and politely said, "You shouldn't say things to women as they walk by, it scares them." He responded with, "You better be scared of me, baby." I walked a little further and remembered I should take a photo so I took out my camera and snapped a shot of the creep as he was getting out of the car. He started yelling at me. I shouted back, "I don't know you. Stop being rude." He called me a racist and I said "I don't care if you're white or black, you are a creep. Stop being rude and stop harassing women."

There were many, many people who witnessed the incident. Several workers from the VA were there. I felt very empowered, but now I'm afraid to walk by there tomorrow. I think I'll have my boyfriend meet me and walk me home.

~Submitted by Teri

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