Monday, May 15, 2006

Newbury Man-Boston

As we walked along Newbury Street this afternoon, I noticed a guy get a little too close to my friend. Then I hear it."Hey baby. Yee-ah."What does that even mean? As we walk past and I turn to take his picture, he stops a young couple and says to the guy about his female companion, "She likes you." Then I snapped his picture. Twice. It took him a minute to realize what I'd done, but I made no attempt to hide my holla. "You just take my picture?" We hurried off as he yelled, "Hey, that's five dollars!" If only I got five dollars every time someone yelled at me on the street...A few hours later, we saw him on Mass Ave. by the Hynes T stop, still yelling at people. This one likes to holla, but I like to HOLLA BACK!- B

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